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Vincent Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night

Vincent Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Oil Painting Canvas:

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Terrace with live colors The Café Night paintings gives you the feeling of participating in the charm of the surrounding area without any ethical concerns. Vincent Van Gogh's night paintings are also very colorful. When you look at the sky, it is noticed that the stars are remarkable as they are in the Starred Night paintings. The golden yellow of the cupcake is in a deep harmony with the colors of the blue of the paradise of the house. Light and darkness have a paradoxical union. Van Gogh showed us both the darkness and the beauty of the light at the same time.

Vincent Van Gogh never signed the official "Café Terrace at Night". However, he mentioned this
paintings especially in three correspondences. The cafe in the picture is still there, it's called Café Van Gogh.

In a scientific review of Jared Baxter's Café Terrace at Night presented at the 2013 European Art and Literature Conference, Vincent Van Gogh's tablature suggested that Leonardo da Vinci included fabrics in Last Supper. There are 12 people in the cafe, a dark silhouette is striking at the door. Interestingly, there are 12 tables in the cage, and the number of bright stars is 12. Judah standing at the door, others apostles and standing figure Hz. It is evoking Jesus. This may be a coincidence, or the painter may have drawn these images intentionally. Today it is impossible to be sure.

Resmin has three different names. In his first public exhibition in 1891, the work was called "Café, le Soir" or "Coffeehouse in Evening". Another name is "Café Terrace" at Place du Forum. The iconic Post-Impressionist star-studded sky of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh was first used at "Café Terrace at Night".

"Night Café Terrace" is one of the three Arles tablets with Van Gogh's distinctive starry sky; Rhone River Coast and Starry Night. Although these tables are night scenes, they are not black. In a letter to his sister, Vincent mentioned that the night had a richer color in the daytime.

"Café Terrace at Night" is the second most popular work, and Van Gogh's "Starry Night" work is the first. Interestingly, according to astronomical evidence, "Night Café Terrace" is the location of the stars in the night sky, it is correct according to the tarihe.

Vincent Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Paintings Story, Review and Analysis 

Vincent van Gogh is the key to drawing the whole silhouette of the starry skies on the Terrace Café Night paintings. There is asymmetrical harmony in the picture. The elliptical appearance of the stars in the sky is paired with the tables in the café The cafeteria is the brightest part of the scene, but the starry sky is mostly on the foreground. The parliamentary blueprint is reflected in the color of the walls. It gives the impression of being a part of the stars in the sky. He is one of the famous paintings of his artist. It reflects the perspective of the artist in terms of technique used. The same color and formality are encountered in different works. The color of the colors, the depth of the stripes, the perspective and depth, the imagination world, leave the artist's footsteps.

It is one of the famous paintings of his artist. It reflects the perspective of the artist in terms of technique used. The same color and formality are encountered in different works. The colors, the perspective and depth leave the artist's footsteps to our imagination world.

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You can buy extra brush traces for your canvas order. The effects are done by professional painters. Part of the painting on the canvas made of paint. This work makes the canvas give you more vivid and more realistic. When looked closely, they will see paint residues and brush traces. The effect process is carried out with paintings appropriate to the painting. Often quality oil paints and acrylic paints are used.

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Vincent Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night

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