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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1- All works are under the protection of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works. The sale transaction does not remove the rights of the artist arising from the creation of a work.

2- Canvas, drawing paper and poster prints; the aspect ratio, color tone and artistic aesthetics are reproduced in high resolution, exactly like the original work. Arthipo guarantees that all printed products comply with artistic aesthetic criteria.

3- If there is a cargo damage due to the carrier company in the printed products or if there is a production error, the product will be resent free of charge. In this case, the customer must notify Arthipo of the product replacement or return request within 60 days from the date of receipt of the product. A damage report must be obtained from the carrier company for a renewal request due to transportation damage.

4- Arthipo, the reproductions of the paintings drawn by our corporate artists; It guarantees color tones, artistic aesthetics, aspect ratio and drawing technique conformity to the original work. After the reproduction paintings are drawn, quality control is carried out by our art experts.

5- If cargo transportation damage occurs on original works and reproduction paintings, the product can be returned provided that a cargo damage report is kept with the carrier company.

6. Reproduction of an original work of art by print after sale is subject to the permission of the artist. Arthipo has no liability for copyrights after the sale of a work.

7. If the works of independent artists who are members of Arthipo do not meet the visual and textual criteria specified by the artist on the product page, the customer can return the work.

8- For orders with a lower limit discount coupon, if any product in the order is canceled, if the remaining order amount does not meet the lower limit, the current campaign will be deactivated and your refund will be made according to the remaining amount.

9- If the price of the product you changed is more than the price of the product you want to replace, the price difference is paid by the customer when creating a new order.

10. Arthipo does not see any card information of the customer and does not save any card information. Payment is encrypted with 256 Bit SSL over banks.

11- Products sent as disassembled and installed by the customer are not refundable.

12- No refund will be made for products that are not returned with their original packaging. All frame size is included.

13- Pictures sold as high resolution digital images cannot be returned. Returns are accepted if there is a graphical technical problem with the digital image.

14. Arthipo provides customer satisfaction as the basis for solving other problems that may be encountered.

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