Terms & Conditions

Sales Rules

Arthipo Eser Sale Rules

Original Works Sales Rules

1. All works are subject to the Copyright Law.

2. The copyright of the work is transferred to the person who purchased the work after the sale. However, these rights do not cover the artist's name and creative rights. Once a work of art has emerged, it is registered on behalf of the artist who made it.

3. Reproduction of the work is subject to the artist's permission. After sale, Arthipo has no liability for copyrights.

3. Sales credit card can be realized by credit card. Arthipo carries out sales transactions through Banks. Arthipo does not see any card information or password information belonging to the customer.

4. All sales are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT).

5. Delivery of the purchased item may require three weeks time. The delivery time is affected by international cargo and postal services.

6. Purchased artwork. For this reason it is not possible to reclaim it. At the time of sale, the copyrights are transferred to the person or company that bought the work.

7. The customer making the purchase is deemed to have accepted all the rules.

Print Canvas Tables and Posters Sales Rules

Article 1: When you order our products, they start to prepare on the same day or the next day. For this reason, you have to give up the situation within 8 hours.

Article 2: If the production of your order has been completed and your order has been cargoed, it can not be canceled. The return can be accepted as a result of inspection if the cargo damage report is kept and cargo delivery is not accepted before the product package is opened. The order sent with the special courier can not be returned.

Article 3: For orders with lower limit discount coupons, if any of the products in the order is canceled, the remaining campaign is deactivated if the remaining order amount does not meet the lower limit and the fee is made according to the remaining amount.

Article 4: Special order: No special items are refunded. If a painter is involved, no refund is made. If a graphic design has been made, there is no refund. The points contained in Article 2 shall be taken into consideration.

Article 5: If the cancellation is found to be in accordance with the request conditions, you must first return the product. The fee will be made within 10 working days if the item is in compliance with the conditions after the refund is received.

 Return Policy

Article 1: If the cancellation conditions have occurred, you have the right to produce the product within 14 days except the following cases.

Article 2: Private order: The customer can not receive a refund for special products. If a painter is involved, no refund is made. If a graphic design has been made, there is no refund.

Article 3: Products that have been installed: Products that come in a demounted way and that we or our customer made are not refundable.

Article 4: The fee for non-refundable products can not be paid. If the original package is not available, it must be packed in such a way that it will not be damaged while the product is being transported.

Article 5: Cargo fee shall be borne by the customer in the arbitrary return of the goods not included in the carriage. If customer's cargo is damaged in return, no fee is paid.

Article 6: Product dimension, color, design do not conform to home: We inform all the information on our site, measure the size, color, design etc. the return is outside our return conditions. All products are manufactured in accordance with printing standards and resolutions. Personal point of view is not a refund request. Refunds may be accepted if a non-standard issue is detected.

Article 7: In the case of goods delivered by cargo, we ask that you inspect the product package for damage. If there is any damage in the product package or in the case of a product, you must have a "Damage Detection Record" attached to the cargo officer and do not take delivery of the product.

Article 8: Fee is your iaden, then; will be made within 10 working days if it is in compliance with the conditions of return and no damage other than the cases mentioned before.

Article 9: Digitally purchased images are not refundable.

Terms of Change

Article 1: If you have not received your product and wish to use your entitlement to change, you must first claim the cancellation of the product you received (in accordance with the Cancellation Terms).

Article 2: If your request for change meets the cancellation conditions; your order will be canceled and your new order will be processed. This change is not made for specially manufactured products.

Article 3: If the price of the product you are replacing is more than the price of the product you want to replace, you will be paid when you create a new order, how you made the price difference, payment.

Article 4: You have to pay the difference of the price of the product you have changed less than the price of the product you want to replace.

Article 5: If you take delivery of the product and wish to use your right to change; you must first return the product you received (in accordance with the Return Policy).

Article 6: If your request for change is in accordance with the refund requirements, the order of the product you want to receive is passed after you have received the item you bought previously.

Invoice Sending

The order will be closed within 7 days at the latest and the invoice will be forwarded to the customer.