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Arthipo Worldwide Delivery

We deliver orders all over the World. Arthipo sends international packages through DHL Express, UPS, Fedex and  if necessary customer's National Postal Service. After a package is shipped, the delivery company, tracking site, and tracking number are emailed to the customer. Arthipo guarantees the delivery of all products sold.

Painting Pack

Painting or canvas prints are sent in a cardboard package. Orders are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged. Paintings are first wrapped with bubble wrap, then a cardboard box suitable for the size of the painting is produced, and the boxes are supported internally with styrofoam when necessary.

When unpacking the table, you must open one of the side corners and take out the painting. You should avoid rough movements when opening the package or removing the painting from the box. Scissors or cutting tools used to open the package should be used with care. Such tools should only be used for cutting tapes. Never try to open the package by cutting the cardboard with cutting tools.

Drawing Paper and Poster Pack

Poster or painting paper prints are sent as rolls in a durable cardboard cylinder. Posters are not folded and the papers are carefully rolled and placed inside cardboard roll (cardboard cylinder). Both sides of the cylinder are capped. When you want to remove the poster from the post, you must open the cover in one direction and carefully remove the poster. You should avoid hard hand movements, remember that the poster paper can be crushed. Never try to cut open the cardboard roll, you can only use such tools to open the tapes of the covers.