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Vincent van Gogh, A Wheatfield with Crows

Vincent van Gogh made his work called A Wheatfield, with Crows in 1890 and the original is an oil painting. The work is exhibited at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam . The original dimensions are 50.5 cm x 103 cm. Arthipo offers you artistic prints only. Printed works are similar to original works. Buy the paintings of your favorite artists and decorate the walls of your home or workplace.

Vincent van Gogh A Wheatfield with Crows Paintings Story, Review and Analysis 

Wheatfield with Crows is one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. It is often claimed that this was his very last work. The menacing sky, the crows and the dead-end path are said to refer to the end of his life approaching. But that is just a persistent myth. In fact, he made several other works after this one. Van Gogh did want his wheatfields under stormy skies to express 'sadness, extreme loneliness', but at the same time he wanted to show what he considered 'healthy and fortifying about the countryside. Van Gogh used powerful colour combinations in this painting: the blue sky contrasts with the yellow-orange wheat, while the red of the path is intensified by the green bands of grass.

Applying Paint Effects on a Canvas, Making Brushes Traces

You can buy extra brush traces for your canvas order. The effects are done by professional painters. Part of the painting on the canvas made of paint. This work makes the canvas give you more vivid and more realistic. When looked closely, they will see paint residues and brush traces. The effect process is carried out with paintings appropriate to the painting. Often quality oil paints and acrylic paints are used.

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Vincent van Gogh, A Wheatfield with Crows

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