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Arthipo is a international painting sales site. Artists who want to sell paintings online; Arthipo can easily reach art lovers. We exhibit your paintings on web. Become an free artist member on Arthipo and create your own gallery. Add your artwork, resume and social networking accounts to your artist profile. All transactions are done online.

Become an artist member of Arthipo, it is necessary to be a professional artist or to be educated in a branch of fine arts and to paint well. Who is a professional artist; those who have an artistically distinctive style, have taken part in exhibitions, are recognized nationally or locally.

Selling Paintings Online with Arthipo

You want to sell your paintings. The Internet makes it easy. You trust your work. You know your painting will be liked .  Anywhere in the world, there are people who will value your painting.

Opening an exhibition in a physical gallery is not financially feasible for most artists because you may be charged a fee. In addition, the duration of the exhibition is usually two weeks in galleries. Moreover, in addition to the high wall fee, galleries may ask you as a commission for up to 60% of the price of your sold painting. After the exhibition is over, you have to store the paintings. Sometimes paintings remain in the artist’s archive for years without anyone seeing them. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why painters were recognized too late. If you want your paintings to be discovered, you should take advantage of the power of the internet.

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Arthipo is focused on a single purpose. It aims to deliver art to large masses and to support artists. All artists can use the system for free. They can exhibit their paintings online. They can sell the works or just request their publication. Painters, sculptors and other visual artists can use the system. After creating a membership on the sign up page, you can access the artist application form from your account.
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