Original Paintings

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234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$


540.00$ Ex Tax: 540.00$

A walk through Paris

 A walk through Paris..

282.00$ Ex Tax: 282.00$

Adam and Eva

 Adam and Eva..

2,400.00$ Ex Tax: 2,400.00$

Bursa Cumalıkızık Village

Cumalıkızık Köyü Bursa..

1,911.00$ Ex Tax: 1,911.00$

Bursa Gölyazı

Bursa Gölyazı..

168.00$ Ex Tax: 168.00$

Dead Woman

Oil painting on canvas. Modernism..

831.51$ Ex Tax: 831.51$

Feelings Vortex

 Feelings  Vortex..

2,400.00$ Ex Tax: 2,400.00$

Feelings Anxiety

 Feelings Anxiety..

2,400.00$ Ex Tax: 2,400.00$

Flamenco Dancer in Red Dress

Flamenco Dancer in Red Dress..

432.00$ Ex Tax: 432.00$

Flowers in a vase and lemon

2018 y. Oil on Canvas. Size 50 х 40 sm. Color styling. Driving away from real perception, from ever..

600.00$ Ex Tax: 600.00$

Fortune Telling with Coffee

 Fortune Telling with CoffeeOil painting on canvas.In Ankara Castle, women enjoying their coffe..

384.00$ Ex Tax: 384.00$


 Oil painting work on canvas 60x90 size. The woman is like the shadow of man; ..

540.00$ Ex Tax: 540.00$

Fruit basket and flower

 Fruit basket and flower..

78.00$ Ex Tax: 78.00$

In the big city

In the big city oil painting without frame as the edges are painted, 100% handmade with palette kn..

330.00$ Ex Tax: 330.00$

innocent child and mother

 60x100 oil painting on cloth canvas..

175.50$ Ex Tax: 175.50$


a3 -- 297 x 420 mmThis work which I have drawn on white paper with ink pen technique c..

264.00$ Ex Tax: 264.00$

Irises and roses near the white stone

2019 y. Oil on Canvas. Size 50 х 40 sm. Color styling. Driving away from real perception, from ever..

840.00$ Ex Tax: 840.00$




McdogsContemporarySoso KumsiashviliOil Paintings, 150x120 cm..

 Original Paintings

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Original Paintings

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