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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Canvas are the printing of a painting in high resolution on canvas cloth made of linen. Selling canvas paintings is an integral part of interior design today. On the walls of your home, restaurant, cafe: Canvas prints are used to complete most interior designs. Almost everyone benefits from this decoration method, whether it is an urban or rural house, with different income groups.

There is a financial burden to obtaining original artworks. The reproduction of paintings, cheaply, practically and aesthetically, in accordance with today's conditions, has mediated many people's rapprochement with art. Printed paintings can be counted as an integral part of interior design.

What is Canvas, How to Make a Canvas Print

What is canvas; are the name given to commonly printed paintings. Before printing, it should be checked that the color values, contrast and resolution of the image to be printed are in accordance with the original of the work.

Canvas prints sales is a job that requires attention at every stage. Because the work done directly appeals to visual pleasure. Canvas printing is a reproduction technique applied to cloth and different surfaces in digital printing machines. The image of the painting to be printed is transferred to the digital printing machine using professional programs. Canvas cloth moves slowly between the drums (roller) of the machine. A copy of the painting is transferred to the cloth. After the printing process is completed, the canvas cloth is waited for a while to dry. Special dyes are used to capture the original colors of the painting during printing.

Arthipo Canvas Prints Standards

  • Canvas printing is done on professionally used premium linen. The printing on the linen cloth does not fade, it preserves its vivid colors for many years.
  • Original paints are used for canvas printing and are identical to the colors in nature. It has high quality printing colors with ISO and CE standards. It has no harm to human health.
  • The wooden frames are made from kiln-dried durable yellow pine, with oval lath corners for perfect stretching of the cloth.
  • The canvas painting is produced in accordance with the color, proportions of the original work. The canvas has the same features as the original work in terms of appearance.
  • Prints are made from 300 DPI high resolution images. The picture ratio is preserved exactly, absolutely no operations such as shrinking or cutting are done in graphic operations.
  • The impression of an oil painting is created by spraying artistic varnish on the surface of the canvas prints.

Arthipo Effect On Canvas Print

Traditional painting is the application of paint, pigment, color or other material to a solid surface (support base), as it is known, the paint is applied to the canvas with a brush. Sometimes other tools such as spatulas, knives, sponges and airbrushes can be used. Painting is a form of creative expression and there are many forms. Arthipo makes oil paint brush marks on the canvas surface by using painting paints to make canvas prints look more realistic upon customer demand. Effects on canvas are done by our professional painters. Painters paint some parts of the printed painting with brush strokes, this is a real drawing process. Painting is done in accordance with the original work. After the effect is given to the painting, artistic spray is sprayed on the painting surface to make the print look like an oil painting.

Canvas Print Types

Almost all kinds of pictures are used for printing while making canvas paintings. Anything is possible, including printing your own picture on canvas. Paintings of famous painters, a beautiful photograph or a graphic design can also be printed on the canvas. An old family photo effect can be printed like an oil painting. On Valentine's Day, you can present your own picture as a canvas print to your lover. In this way, he will always see you. He can always feel you next to him.

You can choose the canvas dimensions as you want. It is possible to buy the size you want, regardless of the actual size of the picture. You can use the painter catalogue. If you wish, you can choose a table for your interior design with customized categories such as art movements, technique, theme, color.

Printed Paintings Online Sales

Arthipo is not just an image sales site. At the same time, a deep knowledge awaits you. It is also possible to find the stories of the lives, works and works of the painters. Arthipo is also a reference source, that is, an encyclopedic catalog of painters. You can find it with the life story of an important painter and the analysis of all his paintings.