What is Reproduction? How to make Reproduction Paintings?

What is Reproduction? How to make Reproduction Paintings?

Reproduction painting is used to describe the process of reconstruction of an artwork in accordance with the original and the product that emerged at the end of the process. What is the reproduction, what does the word mean; Reproduction means "reproduction". What is Reproduction? How to make Reproduction Paintings?


What is the Original Painting?

The original painting is an image drawn directly by an artist without being obtained by any pattern or copy.


What are First Reproduction Examples?

Especially since the 19th century, there has been a surprising increase in the number of colorful paintings since painting and dying on the tree. We want to remember once again the significance it carries according to the reproductions (ie the reproduction of the prints) in terms of originality. But a single picture made in this way can not be claimed to be more valuable than the printed and reproduced pictures. On the contrary, replica paintings are works that are worthy of their own, provided that they carry some appropriate features.


Lithographic Reproduction Painting, Cards Development

Another method that allows the reproduction of images in large quantities is lithography, which is the stone print of Sennefelder's invention. This method, which meets the needs of those who want to get cheap pictures, is a tiring job that requires manual work. For this reason as simple as possible and simple colors were used. Because I needed a separate stone for each color. But this method gradually developed and reached a perfection that would print any picture in any color. In this way all kinds of pictures, advertisements, greeting cards, packaging, especially all kinds of landscape cards are printed.


Reproduction of Zinc Plates

Reproduction of pictures in this way has helped to a certain degree spreading art among the folk, but it has become a much more commercial and profitable business. Later on, the images began to be printed using mine stereotypes and four colors (yellow, red, blue, black). Despite being more expensive, this method has recently become very advanced and diffused, making it a dangerous competitor to stonemasonry. So much so that stone prints are used today in prints of color paintings, banners, much larger. The technical difficulties encountered at the time of the printing of color pictures are now completely abolished by means of stereotypes prepared especially in chemical methods, and they are either original, watercolor, oil painting, pastel etc. , It has come to be able to specify all the subtleties of any picture.

"Offset print" is becoming more and more spread in prints made with colorful patterns. This method is similar to stone printing in terms of printing technique, but zinc plates are used instead of lithography stone. It is possible to print out and reproduce the picture at the desired size.


Reprint with Computers and Printers Painting Printing (Canvas)

Today, reproductions are made using digital printing machines with computer support. The printer uses canvas instead of paper. High quality photos of the original paintings are printed on this cloth. Then the cloth frame is stretched into canvas. However, the disadvantage of such prints is that they provide a look away from the oil paintings and vividness of the original texts. The canvas is an ordinary ornament.


What is Original Reproduction Paintings?

The original reproduction chart is a picture drawn by an important painter, which is redrawn by another master painter in accordance with the original techniques. The original reproduction is not a painting print. Redrawing a picture from scratch using high quality greaseproof. Such reproductions carry a value like the original picture. The picture is a real tablature with vibrant colors. There is also a value as a work of art. Original reproductions can be bought and sold.