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What is Reproduction Painting, How to Make

Reproduction Painting Sales

Reproduction painting is used to reproduce a work of art in accordance with the original and to describe the work that comes out at the end of this process. What is reproduction, what does the word mean; Reproduction means; It is the redrawing of a painting that was previously drawn by an important painter, by another master painter, in accordance with the original techniques.

A replica painting, on the other hand, is a redrawn of the original painting in exact dimensions. An original painting is an original work made directly by a painter, without any pattern or copy.

It is a pleasure to view an original work of art. This pleasure is personal and continuous. Because works of art shed light on the uncertain points of human existence. This feeling is both luminous and mysterious. It transcends the limits of human intelligence.

There is a particular painting that most people admire. The person finds something of himself in the narrative of the painting. However, it is almost impossible to buy the original work. Because most of the famous paintings are in museums as cultural heritage or in the collections of very rich people.

Reproduction paintings allow a beautiful copy of the original paintings in museums  to be used in interior design. Thus, the paintings we love enter into our daily lives. A quick glance at the painting while drinking a cup of coffee takes us away from daily worries and adds depth to our thoughts.

Arthipo How to Make an Oil Painting Reproduction Painting?

Reproduction paintings are drawn by master painters. Professional canvas made of premium Italian linen is used. Canvas frames are made from kiln-dried yellow pine. Artist grade oil paints are used. Reproduction paintings are drawn in museum quality.

After the customer purchases a reproduction painting, the painter is selected. The drawing of each painting is planned separately. Our art experts entrust the drawing to a master painter who has expertise in the style of the painting to be drawn. We have a team of master artists. Our painters are very experienced. They draw exactly the same as the original works.

After the painter has finished drawing, one of our art experts will review the reproduction drawing. Care is taken to ensure that the drawing technique and color tones are the same as the original work. The painting is created to precisely match the brushstrokes and colors.

Arthipo provides services to many corporate companies and goverment institutions along with individual customers. Among the institutions we work with, we have hundreds of corporate clients such as architectural companies, museums, art galleries, government institutions, municipalities. Arthipo sells oil painting reproductions of museum quality. Arthipo sells paintings to almost every country in the world. The countries with the highest sales are the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and other European countries.

Reproduction Painting Types

You can buy reproduction of any famous painting. You can select the painting in the canvas category as an reproduction painting. If the original of the painting is drawn using another type of paint such as acrylic, watercolor, pastel or charcoal; At the request of the customer, a reproduction painting is made using such paints. At this point, the main thing is the choice of the customer.