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Alaca Monastery (Cello)

Alaca Monastery (Cello)..

833.33$ Ex Tax: 833.33$

Apostles of the Giraffe

Apostles of the Giraffe..

Butterfly Mirror

Butterfly MirrorTechnique: Oil PaintingType: OriginalSize: 40cmx80cm..

879.60$ Ex Tax: 879.60$

Calling (Part 1)

OilpaintingYear : 2012This is the first part of two-parted concept. ..

143.00$ Ex Tax: 143.00$

Calling (Part 2)

OilpaintingYear : 2012This is the second part of two-parted concept...

143.00$ Ex Tax: 143.00$

Catch a falling star

OilpaintingYear: 2012Our souls are falling stars in eternity..

156.00$ Ex Tax: 156.00$

Colors of the World

Colors of the World..

90.00$ Ex Tax: 90.00$


Oilpainting Year :2011..

71.50$ Ex Tax: 71.50$

Fortune teller

Fortune teller ..

I can stand up alone

I can stand up alone..

66.00$ Ex Tax: 66.00$

Magical Garden

Magical Garden..

240.00$ Ex Tax: 240.00$

Moon Light

Moon Light..

43.20$ Ex Tax: 43.20$

No Painting

No Painting..

300.00$ Ex Tax: 300.00$

Peacock Lighthouse

Peacock LighthouseTechnique: Oil PaintingType: OriginalSize: 50cmx70cm..

1,080.00$ Ex Tax: 1,080.00$

Pyramid Time

Name: Pramit TimeTechnique: Oil PaintingType: OriginalSize: 50cmx70cm..

1,980.00$ Ex Tax: 1,980.00$

The Distribution

The Distribution..


Mixed technique on canvas 2017..

883.20$ Ex Tax: 883.20$

Woman Towards Deaht

Woman Towards Deaht..

1,170.00$ Ex Tax: 1,170.00$

Woman's Difference

Buy oil paintings:You can buy acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings of painter'..