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60 ml Mediums Oxgall 031

60 ml Mediums Oxgall 031 Gall    

Schmincke Oat Gall 60 ml

It is a moisturizing watercolor aid to optimize the fluidity of the watercolor and gouache paint and to use it on hard-to-reach soils. Water reduces surface tension. Facilitates the application of watercolor and gouache to oily areas. The bark used in the cracking technique provides a solid composition without dripping with primer paint. It is in liquid form and is made from natural products.


· Shake before use and mix if necessary.

· The oxgall pit can be mixed with water.

· Thin the product with a little water and mix with a different palette (use with caution).

· Dissolve oxen in water can clot and flocculate during long storage periods, but this does not pose a problem in the use of the product.

· The product can dissolve the oily layers of your varnished pallets and paint boxes.

· Wash your materials with water or soap.

· Close your lid carefully after use.

· Keep in dry and cool place.

· Test before use.

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60 ml Mediums Oxgall 031

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