Vasily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky

 Wassily Kandinsky (Russian: Василий Кандинский) (1866-1944), a Russian painter and art theorist. He was an important theorist and painter who played an active role in the 20th century with his theories and practices. In Europe, he was the pioneer of abstract art.

Wassily Kandinsky's Artistic Style

He is a master of Expressionism and Abstract. For Wassily Kandinskiy, art is a description of spiritual values. Although each art form is separated from each other by its external structure, the common point that they meet is that they should strive for the inner purpose of refining the human soul and moving it. Wassily Kandinsky wanted to show that he could express colors and all kinds of thoughts and feelings compatible with imaginary figures distributed to the canvas in accordance with a reasonable rhythm in his works. According to him, every color had a characteristic, a narrative: yellow, hot, furious and angry; Blue, calm, hard and cold; Red, feverish, agitated and proud; Green, still and passive. White voiced a silence full of secret forces; Black is a silence without a future. In the meantime, the artist argued that every shape and every line had a different meaning.

Famous artist Wassily Kandinsky focused on the emotional reflections of the colors on the form rather than the shapes of the objects. These are actually characteristics of expressionism. Kandinsky was one of the founders of the group of Expressionist artists known as "Der blaue Reiter." The group was interested in new movements of art and music, reproductions of contemporary modern texts, public art, medieval art and ethnic art. These forms of art were not related to the realistic representations of the real world, but to a personal, ritual, or spiritual experience.

For him, music is the highest art, because the music was completely separate from the abstracts and realities. She wanted to paint the tables like music: with sounds, tones and rhythms. After 1913 Kandinsky's work was completely abstract. Visual tools such as lines, planes, colors, rhythm, and structure have been used independently, without any reference to anything but themselves.

Wassily Kandinsky Works & Paints

The most famous works of Wassily Kandinsky are: Blue Rider (1903), Composition (1944), Composition IV (1911), Composition VI (1913), Yellow-red-blue (1925), Moscow I (1916) 1923), Composition X (1939), On white II (1923), Color study Squares with Concentric Circles (1913), Small worlds (1922), Improvisation 32 -Sea battle (1913)

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