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It is an original mixed media painting on canvas of a tree that managed to grow within an apartment building declaring its freedom.

It represents an imagined city's skyline. A city that nature reclaimed for its self..

A year ago I came up with an exhibition idea where there would be a city that was surrounded by nature. I imagined that nature won the war against the ''concretization'' of humans and reclaimed its own territory.

I then made many drawings and mixed media paintings that represented different scenes from that city from different angles and views. From the skyline view of the city to the very microscopic wall patterns. 

This is a painting from that ''Nature Reclaims Collection'' representing an the skyline of that city. The broadest view of the whole idea and collection. 

The artwork's pastel colors and the way in which it represents hope in a dark city can be the perfect addition to your living area or work area. The large horizontal size of the painting makes it perfect for large walls.

Materials used:

-The painting is three-dimensional, dimensions given with extra canvas fabric cut and pasted on top of the canvas, ropes bended in different shapes, and actual concrete on top of the canvas fabric.

-acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, molding paste, concrete, rope, canvas fabric pieces



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Elif Kemahlıoğlu


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