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Silence Of Woman

Patriarchal societies are more prevalent in the world we live in. According to these societies, women are incapable of making their own decisions. Women rights are ignored and the men look down upon women because they believe they are the weaker.  First of all, women should not go to school because if they read, they are considered to be open to eyes. According to these societies, women should be married early because they fear that they will enter into a relationship before they marry at their own volition. In the family, women are taught to serve their husbands and not to disobey their husbands. Woman are valuable item for the society. If a woman responds to her husband, he slap her in the face. If a woman make food without salt, her husband slap her in the face. If her husband see a little bit dust somewhere in the hause, she get a punch. Men try to prove their authority over women and that's why a little reason to beat up women is enough for them For years, women of this world have been trying to make their voices heard. Every day, women who are killed, subjected to violence, raped, are looking for a place to tell themselves.

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Silence Of Woman

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Gül Sude Karamukoğlu


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