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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

His real name is "Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech", lived between the years (1904 – 1989). Catalan surrealist painter. He is famous for the strange and striking images in his surreal works. In addition to painting, Dalí was also interested in sculpture, photography and filmmaking, and his short cartoon Destino, which he made with American animator Walt Disney, was nominated for an Oscar in the category of "best animated short film" in 2003.

Artistic Style of Salvador Dali

Currents he participated in: Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism. "The only difference between me and surrealists is that I am a surrealist." There is also a saying. It is impossible to understand his paintings without reading his life. that he simply put forward in his paintings; Eggs and other symbols, which symbolize the return to the mother's womb (where one feels most safe, return to innocence), are important in terms of reflecting Dali's mood.

Dalí appears to have been heavily influenced by Freud's writings on the erotic connotations of the Unconscious images and by the parisian surrealists' tendencies to reveal the unconscious. Although he adopted the concept of automatism, which is based on the flow of thought without following any logical line in surrealism, he treated it with a more optimistic point of view than other surrealists and called this tendency "critical paranoia". The imaginary (magical) realism he creates in his works creates a contrast with the unreal imaginary space and strange imaginary imagination he describes. In these works, it is almost impossible to separate dreams from reality. Dalí's aim is to make daily preoccupations imaginary in a cynical manner.

Works of Salvador Dali

His best-known work is the painting "The Persistence of Memory", also known as the melting clocks. Some of his other well-known works are: Boiled Beans Soft Structure (Civil War Prediction), Elephants and Swans, The Seduction of St. Antony. Soft Construction with boiled beans (1936) , Sleep (1937), Swans reflecting elephants (1937) , Apparition of face and fruit dish on a beach (1938) , Beach with telephone (1938) , The Endless enigma (1938), Impressions of Africa (1938) , The sublime moment(1938) , The transparent simulacrum of the feigned image(1938) , Daddy Longlegs of the evening..Hope (1940), Geopoliticus child watching the bird of the new man (1943), The temptation of saint Anthony (1946) ,The disintegration of persistence of memory (1952), Rock'n Roll (1957)

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