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Dune 1, Piet Mondrian

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With these studies, the first studies of the sand dunes and the marine paintings of the same period, Mondrian has once again begun a reorientation towards a wider integration of forms emphasizing color.

This is one of Mondrian's few studies on the sea view in the Netherlands, where he stayed in summer in summer. It offers an oblique view of the coastline, consisting of pale sand dunes, orange and blue horizontals reflecting the seas and the sky on the right. Resminent vivid colors and thick applied lines show the artist's transition to a previous naturalistic painting trial period. Mondrian would later remember that he preferred painting, "in darker weather or in very strong sunlight, when the intensity of the atmosphere hides details and emphasizes the big lines of objects."

Dune 1, Piet Mondrian Paintings Story, Review and Analysis 

This work, along with the Sea Lighthouse in Westkapelle, is a motif of sand dunes that, throughout the largely Dutch landscape, inspired Mondrian to a new phase of official imagination during the Zeeland era. This sand-hill base is its nature, its vast appearance in its birth was a new thing. The most spectacular feature of the Dutch landscape was that it was man-made. Farms, reclaimed land, Dutch channel system. Until Walcheren Island, Mondrian was in vast nature, compared to nature that the Netherlands had just along the coast, along the sand dunes. This new experience has had a profound impact on the artist, as can be seen from his work on sand dunes and sea contact at that time. The picture here is an example of this new vision. It is not the first draft of the new subject. The first drawing may be described as perhaps a slightly smaller work on the old cardboard. The theme, however, is a study of the same thing as something as small as 1909. It is one of the famous paintings of his artist. It reflects the perspective of the artist in terms of technique used. The same color and formality are encountered in different works. The colors, the perspective and depth leave the artist's footsteps to our imagination world.

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You can buy extra brush traces for your canvas order. The effects are done by professional painters. Part of the painting on the canvas made of paint. This work makes the canvas give you more vivid and more realistic. When looked closely, they will see paint residues and brush traces. The effect process is carried out with paintings appropriate to the painting. Often quality oil paints and acrylic paints are used.

Reproduction Paintings

You can buy this painting as a reproductions painting. Reproduction painting is the redrawing of this entire image using the original paintings. The drawing of the  painting is done by professional painters. It takes at least ten days to draw a reproduction sheet. This time may vary depending on the size of the painting.

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You can buy a high resolution image of the painting. Once purchased, you can download the high resolution painting image.

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Dune 1, Piet Mondrian

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