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Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are original works of distinguished painters. You can buy the work you want by choosing. They have vivid colors, they do not fade over the years. They are not affected by external factors such as light, humidity and heat. They can adapt to any decoration.

Paintings occupy an important place in the decoration of art lovers' homes or workplaces. You can find hundreds of original handmade oil paintings by local or foreign artists at Arthipo.

Artworks have a mystery. It leaves deep feelings in the human mind. Brush marks have a tactile feel. The pure colors, buttery consistency and distinctive scent of the paints give a sensual pleasure. The long drying time of oil paints enables the creation of works with delicate mixing, fine detail and textural effects in painting.


It heralded the beginning of shops dedicated to the manufacture of art supplies and related items in the late 18th century. Afterwards, visual arts quickly became a field of interest in the world. In the early days, it was mostly the nobility who wanted to buy oil paintings. It is a strange paradox, however, that most painters who are now very famous did not have spent their artistic lives in poverty. So much so that the possibility of becoming famous after death is a common thought among painters. Of course, a few painters are excluded from this assumption; Monet, Utrillo, Picasso, Dali etc.

Oil painting dates back centuries and is an incredibly wide-ranging artistic practice. Its use was first discovered by Indian and Chinese artists. Common applications in Europe are the paintings drawn to decorate the cathedral walls. As a matter of fact, the great masters of the Renaissance such as Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo are the painters of this period. It was difficult to buy oil paintings during this period because the art of painting was still monopolized by the religious oligarchy or aristocracy. After the industrial revolution, it turned into a common bourgeois occupation. Today, it is in the field of curiosity of many people, no matter what class they are.

Handmade Original Oil Paintings Sales

Arthipo offers hundreds of original, real original oil paintings to art lovers. You can buy oil paintings for investment purposes or just to decorate your environments. Our artist staff consists of professional and master artists. You can see the works by using our painting catalog or the artist directory. If you are thinking about where to buy oil paintings, Arthipo Gallery is the right address.

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