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Bursa Gölyazı

Bursa Gölyazı..

168.00$ Ex Tax: 168.00$


 Cycles ..

858.00$ Ex Tax: 858.00$

Relief White Flower

 Oil painting on canvas, relief for white flowers..

306.00$ Ex Tax: 306.00$

A Journey Into The Sun

3D Acrylic Canvas Painting is a distinctive piece of art that is entirely produced by handycraft. Ra..

1,800.00$ Ex Tax: 1,800.00$



59.80$ Ex Tax: 59.80$

Abundance Tree

Abundance Tree, with oil paint, glue and coins..

208.00$ Ex Tax: 208.00$

Actually We've Met

Actually We've Met..

240.00$ Ex Tax: 240.00$

Age 19 Mind 34

Age 19 Mind 34..

352.80$ Ex Tax: 352.80$

Aksakallı Semazen

Aksakallı Semazen..

175.20$ Ex Tax: 175.20$

Altındag / Old Ankara

Altındag / Old Ankara..

480.00$ Ex Tax: 480.00$

Amazon Woman

Amazon Woman ..

199.20$ Ex Tax: 199.20$


Epoxi geode resin art on mdf with natural pink quartz stones.Date: January 2019..

74.66$ Ex Tax: 74.66$


Epoxi geode resin art, natural aventurine stones and crystals.Date: January 2019..

138.66$ Ex Tax: 138.66$


Mixed technical drawing at 0x70 cm dimensions..

210.00$ Ex Tax: 210.00$


BirdsMixed technical picture on 50x70 cm size..

175.20$ Ex Tax: 175.20$


Acrylic pouring technique combined with airbrush and coated with epoxy resin on MDF...

54.00$ Ex Tax: 54.00$

Black white

Seda Yaman - Black whiteMixed technique..

468.00$ Ex Tax: 468.00$

Blue and Red

Blue and Red ; deeply reflective painting.   ..

585.00$ Ex Tax: 585.00$

blue lagoon

Acrylic pouring with the tree ring technique with epoxy resin technique..

54.00$ Ex Tax: 54.00$

Blue Pitcher Flowering Tree Branch Still Life

Blue Pitcher Flowering Tree Branch Still Life..

174.00$ Ex Tax: 174.00$