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 Original Paintings

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Peacock Bird 1

 Peacock Bird..

234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$



210.00$ Ex Tax: 210.00$

Purple Moon

 Purple Moon..

715.00$ Ex Tax: 715.00$


Canvas on hardboard, oil painting, 2017..

282.00$ Ex Tax: 282.00$

Relief White Flower

 Oil painting on canvas, relief for white flowers..

306.00$ Ex Tax: 306.00$

Rose by the sea

Rose by the sea oil painting on canvas, 100% handmade palette knife and high quality oil will deco..

204.00$ Ex Tax: 204.00$

The City 2

 The City..

420.00$ Ex Tax: 420.00$

Untitle 2


833.33$ Ex Tax: 833.33$

Whirling Dervishes 2

Whirling Dervishes..

1,170.00$ Ex Tax: 1,170.00$

Woman thinking amongst flowers

Woman thinking amongst flowers..

234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$

1900s, Local Albanian Muslims

Buy oil paintings, You can buy acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings of painter's ..

837.20$ Ex Tax: 837.20$

A Balloonist in Istanbul

A Balloonist in IstanbulCanvas Cloth on top. Glazed frame...

138.46$ Ex Tax: 138.46$

A Bird


84.00$ Ex Tax: 84.00$

A Bird

Acrylic on canvas..

1,200.00$ Ex Tax: 1,200.00$

A Bird


76.92$ Ex Tax: 76.92$

A bird Four colors

A bird picture created with yellow, blue, red and green colors...

176.92$ Ex Tax: 176.92$

A Bouguet Flowers

A Bouguet Flowers..

A bouquet of summer flowers

A bouquet of summer flowers..

1,080.00$ Ex Tax: 1,080.00$

A Brown Boy

Paper on pastel. ..

461.54$ Ex Tax: 461.54$

A butterfly

Acrylic on canvas..

600.00$ Ex Tax: 600.00$

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Original Paintings