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 Original Paintings

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Original Paintings

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McdogsContemporarySoso KumsiashviliOil Paintings, 150x120 cm..

1,690.00$ Ex Tax: 1,690.00$

Mountain river

2018 y. Oil on Canvas. Size 90 х 70 sm. Realism. Image of a fast mountain river with transmission i..

2,160.00$ Ex Tax: 2,160.00$

Old Woman and Lantern

Yağlıboya satın almak:Akrilik resim, yağlı boya, ressamın resim satışlarının resimleri resimleri..

234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$

Peacock Bird

 Peacock Bird..

234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$


Pond oil painting unframed since the edges are painted, 100% handmade with a palette knife and hig..

396.00$ Ex Tax: 396.00$

Purple Moon

 Purple Moon..

715.00$ Ex Tax: 715.00$

Relief White Flower

 Oil painting on canvas, relief for white flowers..

306.00$ Ex Tax: 306.00$

Rose by the sea

Rose by the sea oil painting on canvas, 100% handmade palette knife and high quality oil will deco..

204.00$ Ex Tax: 204.00$



71.50$ Ex Tax: 71.50$

The City

 The City..

420.00$ Ex Tax: 420.00$





Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes..

1,170.00$ Ex Tax: 1,170.00$

Woman thinking amongst flowers

Woman thinking amongst flowers..

234.00$ Ex Tax: 234.00$

1900s, Local Albanian Muslims

Buy oil paintings, You can buy acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings of painter's ..

837.20$ Ex Tax: 837.20$



53.33$ Ex Tax: 53.33$

3th sense

ink cross hatching on paper _ 14.11.2016..

123.39$ Ex Tax: 123.39$

A Balloonist in Istanbul

A Balloonist in IstanbulCanvas Cloth on top. Glazed frame...

A beautiful day

A beautiful dayOil on canvas.Table in 35-50 cm.2016 date of construction.Original work...

408.00$ Ex Tax: 408.00$

A black cloud

ink cross hatching on paper _ 17.11.2016..

123.39$ Ex Tax: 123.39$