Eda AYGÜN; 1979 was also born in Turkey. He started painting by drawing pictures on the walls at a young age. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. He teaches painting at the State Art Center. He has raised and continues to train many people in this field. He has opened several solo and group exhibitions and has works in many important places.
       The artist, who has spent his full life working in the field of dance and theater, deals with all subjects related to life with acrylic pastel paint, marbling, mosaic and especially oil painting technique.
       The artist, whose paintings are in harmony with his life, has reached his personal language.

From time to time, abstract spotting has dominated, bearing traces of nature that tend to create free color harmonies with free palettes within the framework of a dynamic. He used the figure as a complement to the subject and composition. Cubist fragments combined baroque colors in Yer Yer Yer paintings, and the artist created an original language with this.
     The art evokes enthusiasm and happiness in those who watch their works.