Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are original oil paintings of distinguished painters. You can choose to purchase the item you want. Oil paintings have vibrant colors and do not fade after years. They are not affected by external factors such as light, humidity, heat. They can adapt to all kinds of decorations.

Oil paintings occupy an important place in art lovers' home or business decorating. At Arthipo you can find and buy hundreds of original oil paintings from local or foreign artists.

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There is a great mystery in oil paintings. Many people leave deep feelings in their minds. For example, on top of a fruit, there is a feeling of touch on a wall that leaves oil and oil. This man gives pure sensual pleasure, buttery consistency and a different flavor. The long drying time of the oil dyes allows for the creation of works with fine blending, fine detail and textural effects, which is great for painting oil paintings.

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Altındag / Old Ankara

Altındag / Old Ankara..


Amasra ..

3,000.00TL Ex Tax: 3,000.00TL

Among mountains

Buy oil paintings:You can buy acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings of painter&..

1,040.00TL Ex Tax: 1,040.00TL

An old pair of shoes

canvas, oil painting. 30 x 40. my grandfather An old pair of shoes..

912.00TL Ex Tax: 912.00TL

An yacht

An yacht..

3,900.00TL Ex Tax: 3,900.00TL


''Anatolia'' oil paintings,Painter Recep Aksu's Online Art gallery, art work..

2,275.00TL Ex Tax: 2,275.00TL


AnatoliaOil Painting on Canvas / Total 50x120cm 4 pieces 200x120 cm..

24,000.00TL Ex Tax: 24,000.00TL


Anatolia ..

6,500.00TL Ex Tax: 6,500.00TL



Anatolia 2

Anatolia 2 ..

6,500.00TL Ex Tax: 6,500.00TL

Ancient Istanbul

Ancient Istanbuloil on canvas painting.size: 100x110 cm signed...

11,400.00TL Ex Tax: 11,400.00TL

Angel Horses

Angel Horses..

9,600.00TL Ex Tax: 9,600.00TL

Ankara, Aydinlikevler Cagri Street

Ankara, Aydinlikevler Cagri Street..

Another Day in Oceania

Another day in Oceania..

3,250.00TL Ex Tax: 3,250.00TL

Antakya Traces

Antakya TracesOil on canvas, 75X85 in 2018...

480.00TL Ex Tax: 480.00TL



780.00TL Ex Tax: 780.00TL

Arabian girl

Arabian girl..

1,560.00TL Ex Tax: 1,560.00TL

Arrogance Abandonment

Arrogance AbandonmentOil paint on canvas...

1,040.00TL Ex Tax: 1,040.00TL

Art making art

Art making art..

480.00TL Ex Tax: 480.00TL

At the seaside

At the seaside ..

650.00TL Ex Tax: 650.00TL