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Impact of Illumination

Impact of Illumination, Original Paintings,
Impact of Illumination
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Özkan Ege


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Name of Work: Impact of Illumination

Technique: Oil Painting
Type: Original
Size: 50cmx70cm

Painting Story:

Bad people want to put out the light of knowledge. The information is bright with candles. The candle is on the earth. The world is in birth and death. The journey starting with the umbilical cordon on the left with good will result in death on the right with a narrow path. The world is on a timeline. The pen is the end, the writer of destiny. There is a great need for the construction of the building. The tree is cut and becomes a pencil. It should not be torn from the root. Every tree that is cut is a promise and lives with glowing branches. In this whole battle, time runs out, the environment becomes dreary. The remaining rebirth.

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