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Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch

Although there is not much information about the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, who lived between 1450 and 1516, the originality of his existing works is also a matter of debate.
Born in Brabant, the Netherlands, Bosch became one of the most important representatives of the Early Dutch School of Painting. In his works, he primarily depicted human shortcomings. Bosch created his paintings on oak panels and used oil as his medium. His palette was very simple and contained only the customary pigments of his time. His paintings, altars and triptychs (three-panel paintings) were very popular with royalty and nobility in many European countries, especially beyond the Netherlands. Many of his works have a Christian theme and deal with topics such as temptation, damnation, and the seven sins. Some scholars believe that, although his works are widely acclaimed, they are not all that fantastic simply because they depict the religious beliefs of his age. In some of his works, he also criticized those who spent their lives in materialistic pleasure.

Hieronymus Bosch Style

Pieter Bruegel the Elder became his best-known follower, with Bosch's pessimistic and fantastical style exerting a wide influence on northern 16th-century art. Today he is seen as a highly individualistic painter with a deep insight into humanity's desires and deepest fears. Brilliant and original Northern European painter whose work reveals an unusual iconography of a complex and individual style. He became known as a highly inventive "devil creator" and a powerful inventor who seemed to be full of satire and nonsense filled with moral implications. Bosch was a pessimistic and harsh moralist who distrusted neither illusions about the rationality of human nature nor the goodness of a world.
Like his father, he joined the 'Brotherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary' organization around 1486. Some of his first missions are believed to have come from the Brotherhood. However, none of these early works have survived.
Although it is believed that he created many important paintings during his career, the exact number of his surviving works is still a matter of debate, although some scholars accept that he has signed only seven of his surviving works. Due to the importance of his works, it is believed that various copies and variations of his paintings were created by other artists. Therefore, it is still unknown whether all the paintings attributed to him are really his work.

Hieronymus Bosch Famous Works, Important Paintings

Works attributed to Bosch, who died at the age of 66; Crucifixion of St Julia (1497), Garden of Earthly Pleasures, inner right wing (Hell) (1480-1505), Garden of Earthly Pleasures (1495-1505), Owl's Nest (1505-1516), Jesus Before Pilate (1520)

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