Fatih Sarmanlı

Fatih Sarmanli

He was born in 1960 in Bursa. He started painting in his own studio in 1981. Starting this year, the metropolis of the arts, he never cut their links with Turkey in Istanbul. Therefore, many paintings entered this city. In 1993, he made artistic studies and researches in Italy, which is an important center of classical art, especially in Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice. He held solo exhibitions in many cities, including Istanbul, and participated in some group exhibitions.

Painter Fatih Sarmanlı Some of the Solo Exhibitions

1986 Istanbul Taksim Art Gallery
1991 İstanbul Garanti Bank Yonca Modern Art Gallery
1992 Istanbul Sandoz Art Gallery
1995 Bursa State Fine Arts Gallery
1996 Istanbul Replika Art Gallery
1999 Istanbul Chamber Art Gallery

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Beyoglu Tramway

Beyoglu Tramway50x70 cmOil paint on canvas...

1,156.93$ Ex Tax: 1,156.93$

Boats in the Bosphorus

Boats in the Bosphorus80x100 cmOil Paint On Canvas..

1,200.00$ Ex Tax: 1,200.00$

Bosphorus Boats

Bosphorus Boats80x100 cmOil paint on canvas...

2,400.00$ Ex Tax: 2,400.00$

Bosphorus view in autumn

Bosphorus view in autumn80x100 cmOil paint on canvas..

1,800.00$ Ex Tax: 1,800.00$

Istanbul Bosphorus View

Istanbul Bosphorus View80x100 cmOil paint on canvas...

3,600.00$ Ex Tax: 3,600.00$

Trees in Spring

Trees in Spring70x100 cmOil Paint on canvas...

925.64$ Ex Tax: 925.64$