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Diego Velázquez

Diego Velázquez

Diego Velazquez, who lived between 1599 and 1660, was King IV. He was a Spanish painter at the court of Philip and one of the leading painters of the Spanish Golden Age. He was an individualist artist of the contemporary Baroque period. He began to paint in a strictly tenebrist style. he later developed a freer style characterized by bold brushwork.
Velazquez started his successful career by continuing his apprenticeship with Francisco de Herrera in 1611 with Francisco Pacheco. But his talent for painting at the age of 19 clearly demonstrates how he outstripped his master, Pacheco.

Diego Velázquez Painting Technique, Style

Velazquez became a 'pintor de imagineia' painter of religious images, one of the highest ranks for a painter, just a few months after his apprenticeship ended in 1617. Velazquez was fascinated by the peculiarities of the human face, and his extraordinary ability to see and capture all manner of facial quirks in paint made him an excellent portraitist. His work would later inspire the likes of Manet and Picasso. Influenced by Valasquez's work, King IV. Philip asked him to paint his portrait. When Velazquez's talent and personality were recognized by the King, he remained loyal to the King until his death, becoming the King's personal painter.
Velazquez was the first mythological painting of The Drinkers from 1626-1628. Velazquez uses this work to show a mythological god who drinks, sits with ordinary mortals in the modern world through real people.
From June 1629 to January 1631 Velázquez traveled to Italy, where he was influenced by the great artists of the region. After returning to Madrid, he began to paint a series of portraits of members of the royal family on horseback. Velázquez also took the time to paint the dwarves who served at King Philip's court, taking care to portray them as complex, intelligent beings.
He stayed at the Villa Medici, where he painted the Medici Gardens in 1631. When he came back, his first job was to paint Baltasar Carlos, the newborn heir to the throne. In the painting, two-year-old Baltasar Carlos is pictured in his military outfit. A fascinating portrait showing him both as a toddler and as a future King of Spain. It depicts Velazquez's little fist of the prince clutching his sword tightly.
Velázquez is universally recognized as one of the world's greatest artists. The naturalistic style in which he was trained provided a language for expressing his extraordinary power of observation in depicting both the living model and still life.
Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali were among the artists who saw Velázquez as a powerful influence, while the French Impressionist Edouard Manet described him as "the painter of painters".

Diego Velázquez Famous Works, Paintings

Velazquez, who died at the age of 61, is back; An old woman frying eggs (1618), Triumph of Bacchus (1629), Philip IV (1632), The Capitulation of Breda (1635), Pope Innocenzo X (1650) and many more.

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