Claude Monet poppy Fields buy oil paintings

Claude Monet Poppy Fields near (Argenteuil) Oil paintings

Oil painting in Impressionist style of French painter Claude Monet made in 1873.

Calude Monet poppies Oil Paintings Story, Review and Analysis 

This impressionist work by Claude Monet is striking as a landscape picture. In this work, which tells about a summer day in the countryside, the white orange clouds of a blue sky and the red orange poppies that open in the green pines multiply. In this landscape that looks like a poppy field, there are two people on the front. There is a woman with a purple dress in a purple dress holding a blue umbrella in her 1800s clothes and a yellow child with a yellow hat. The poppies are located on the left side of the table and lightly on a high hill. Beyond the two of them, another woman walking with the child appears. Far away there is a house and a big tree. The lower left corner of the resume is signed by Claude Monet.

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Claude Monet Poppy Fields Oil Paintings

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