How to Sell Paintings and Sculpture from the Internet?

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How to Sell Table and Sculpture from the Internet with Arthipo?

Arthipo is an organization that introduces artists to the world. Painters, sculptors, photographic artists and other visual artists can promote their work on Arthipo. All artists and artist candidates may apply to publish their work on Arthipo. Applications are made online. Use  to apply.


Procedures for publishing the work include:

1. Become a member of .

2. Log in to the system. Fill in your profile information correctly. For Rules for the Sale of Works for Artists or Works Owners click here.

3. Click the Add product link. The upper part is the name of the work. Select a category.

4. Take a picture of the work. Add a picture from the featured picture section. Use the picture gallery section for more pictures.

5. Write the following in the description section. Specify the dimensions of the work. We write painting techniques. We write the country where the work is located. Add this partition to your biography.

6. Enter the price of the work. Enter the discount price if available.

7. Enter the required information. In that case, we press the submit button. 6. You can delete and edit the review.

8. You are reading this article to determine the price of the work.

How is the work delivered?

After the sales process, delivery of the work takes one to three weeks. Delivery time relates to the distance between countries. The artist sends it to Arthipo. When the work is received, the required payment is transferred to the IBAN number of the artist. If the work does not arrive, the fee will be returned back to the customer. The work arriving successfully is sent to the customer. After the successful transaction, the customer can not return his / her work. Because the work is not a consumption item. All copyrights belong to the customer when purchased.

Tables, How are Sculptures Examined?

The art commission consists of a professional team. The originality of the work is examined. Your artist's biography is investigated. Communicate when needed. If the conditions are favorable, the sale will be offered for sale.


What kind of works can I publish?

Works such as painting, sculpture, collage, installation, miniature painting, marbling, calligraphy, photography, video are accepted. All artists wishing to publish the work are deemed to have accepted these conditions.