How to print paintings?

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How to Print Paper a Painting? What is Art Print? Painting Print Techniques

There are some important points for printing paintings professionally on paper. The following factors are important to make the paintings look real and artistic: First-class printing presses, high-quality painting paper, the quality of paints that use it. In addition, the graphic designer who prepares print design should also be experts in their field.


Printing Painting Paper Selection

Today there are hundreds of different types of paper. The paper to be used must be artistic. It is very important that the paper does not turn yellow over time and maintain its integrity. The thickness of the paper to be used should be 200 grams or more.


Paints Used in Painting Paper Printing

Paints used in table prints must be in accordance with international standards. Paints must not fade, colors must be appropriate to nature. Paints must comply with CE, ISO standards. False paints should not be used. Fastening paints can give a bad appearance and can also pose risks to human health.


Painting Paper Printing Machines

The best quality printing machines for high-quality printing on image paper are UV and Latex type printing machines.