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Black holes (Death)

Black holes (Death), Spray,
Black holes (Death)
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izzet yazgan


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Black holes (Extinction) (13) 

Black holes are very heavy, they have very large gravitational field. Gravitational force so great that nothing, including light, can escape from the black hole. The large mass towards the end of the evolution of stars, thermonuclear red or Blue Super giants. Nuclear fuel is exhausted, they explode in a supernova. The explosions came from the ruins of a neutron star (pulsar), or it may be the supernova core mass reaches nearly three times the mass of the Sun, a black hole. The small mass of the stars is a planetary nebula, they lose a portion of the shirt by creating. These are close to Earth's size in the sizes they evolution as white dwarfs.

Infinity and about life. (Macro and Micro Cosmos) 
Not Only paint, draw, anything anybody else hasn't been done instead of copy or ordinary work, create and draw the viewer in the name of a different size, intellectually consists of 13 images.  The existence of creatures in processing threads until the destruction process match with some subjective images in the universe to be explained. Studies on canvas, Acrylic paint and airbrush technique is made with

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