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Birth and Death

Birth and Death, Spray,
Birth and Death
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izzet yazgan


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Newborn and dying stars sets (birth and death) (09)

There are a lot of big stars with at least eight times the Sun, and these masses is larger, they live a different adventure. This is the big stars like the Sun, we had the stars of mediocre phases much more quickly. But the bigger the pressure in these stars have maintained that the Sun can produce these materials in my pocket. The most recent step in the evolution of this type of Star, the SUPERNOVA explosion is called in, and a nascent star clusters. Born in the living, lives, evolve and die.

Infinity and about life. (Macro and Micro Cosmos) 

Not Only paint, draw, anything anybody else hasn't been done instead of copy or ordinary work, create and draw the viewer in the name of a different size, intellectually consists of 13 images.  The existence of creatures in processing threads until the destruction process match with some subjective images in the universe to be explained. Studies on canvas, Acrylic paint and airbrush technique is made with

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