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Beginning of life

Beginning of life, Spray,
Beginning of life
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Big Bang (beginning of life)-1 
Big bang the universe about 14 billion years ago, hot and very busy defending a point occurred after the big bang, the universe of scientific theory, the radiation emitted from the very hot gas. First, gas, occurred from fundamental particles: quarks has occurred and they came together in protons and neutrons are made; then the electrons emerged. 300,000 years after the big bang, the temperature 3000 ° K, came together and these particles atoms of thought to has occurred and today us. 
Infinity and about life. (Macro and micro Kosmos) 
Not Only paint, draw, anything anybody else hasn't been done instead of copy or ordinary work, create and draw the viewer in the name of a different size, intellectually consists of 13 images.  The existence of creatures in processing threads until the destruction process match with some subjective images in the universe to be explained. Studies on canvas, Acrylic paint and airbrush technique is made with

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