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Banksy: Who is and Paintings

Banksy is a street artist who draws his political criticism on walls as graffiti. An unidentified street artist, Banksy is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, in 1974. The wall drawings are quite impressive. Criticize the neo-liberal system and the consumer society, which is the slave of this system.

It is not known exactly who Bansk is. The two most frequently suggested names are Robert Banks and Robin Gunningham. Pictures similar to Banksy pointed to Gunningham, an artist born in Bristol in 1973. In the 2000s, Gunningham moved to London at a time associated with the progress of Banksy's works of art.

Banksy's Works

In the early 1990s, Banksy began his career as a graffiti artist on the Bristol graffiti gang in DryBreadZ Crew. In the late 90s, he started using templates. Over time it was more widely recognized in Bristol and London.

Banksy's works are often striking illustrations combined with slogans. His work deals with political themes that criticize war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed. Common topics include mice, monkeys, cops, members of the royal family and children. In addition to his two-dimensional work, Banksy is known for his art of installation. The most famous of these pieces, which contain a live elephant painted with a Victorian wallpaper pattern, has led to controversy among animal rights activists.

Other parts pointed out the brave themes or the bravery of their applications. Banksy's work on the West Bank barrier between Israel and Palestine attracted the attention of the media in 2005. He is also known for his use of copyrighted materials and the use of classical images.

Banksy's Paintings

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