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Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans Buy Canvas, Oil Painting

It is a work of art produced by Andy Warhol in 1962, each one is 50.8 x 40.6 cm and consists of 32 canvases in which varieties of soup cannabis are displayed on the market by the Campbell Soup Company (Campbell Soup Company).  Arthipo offers you artistic prints only. Printed works are similar to original works. Buy the paintings of your favorite artists and decorate the walls of your home or workplace.

Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans Paintings Story, Review and Analysis 

Each of the thirty-two illustrations was made by serigraphy, a semi-mechanical method of printing, a semi-mechanical printing method. When Warhol exhibited these thirty-two canvases for the first time in 1962, each one was hanging like a painting on the wall at the same time, The number of canvases corresponds to the variety of soups sold by Campbell Soup Company later on. Warhol added a different flavor to each table, finding it on a list of Campbell's products. There is no evidence that Warhol's canvases predict a particular line.

It is one of the famous paintings of his artist. It reflects the perspective of the artist in terms of technique used. The same color and formality are encountered in different works. The colors, the perspective and depth leave the artist's footsteps to our imagination world.

Applying Paint Effects on a Canvas, Making Brushes Traces

You can buy extra brush traces for your canvas order. The effects are done by professional painters. Part of the painting on the canvas made of paint. This work makes the canvas give you more vivid and more realistic. When looked closely, they will see paint residues and brush traces. The effect process is carried out with paintings appropriate to the painting. Often quality oil paints and acrylic paints are used.

Reproduction Paintings

You can buy this painting as a reproductions
painting. Reproduction painting is the redrawing of this entire image using the original paintings. The drawing of the  painting is done by professional painters. It takes at least ten days to draw a reproduction sheet. This time may vary depending on the size of the painting.

Painting Paper Print

You can print this picture on the picture paper. The printing is done in professional printing machines in HD quality. You can buy this picture as paper print with options of Passepartout and table framing.

Painting High Resolution Image Purchase

You can buy a high resolution image of the painting. Once purchased, you can download the high resolution painting image.

Oil Paintings Production Techniques and Buying, Selling

How to make oil painting reproductions?
How to make a canvas paintings?
How to print a paintings paper?
Download Paintings Image

Arthipo is for you if you want to buy perfect artistic canvases. You can buy your canvas painting in different options. You can buy oil painting reproductions of famous painters. If you want to buy high resolution digital painting image, please use options. Arthipo only sells artistic products. Printed works are similar to original works. Arthipo, just art.

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Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans

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