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 Newborn and dying stars sets (birth and death) (09)There are a lot of big stars with at least eight times the Sun, and these masses is larger, they live a different adventure. This is the big stars like the Sun, we had the stars of mediocre phases much more quickly. But the bigger the pres..
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Buy oil paintings: You can buy acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings of painter's paintings sales, you can see Online Art Gallery, for sale of oil paintings, for sale of canvas, please check the painter's paintings collection...
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Black holes (Extinction) (13)    Black holes are very heavy, they have very large gravitational field. Gravitational force so great that nothing, including light, can escape from the black hole. The large mass towards the end of the evolution of stars, thermonuclear red or Blue Super ..
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Blue and Red ; deeply reflective painting.   ..
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Painting by murat kirman with acrylic paint on a 50x50 canvas..
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Acrylic pouring with the tree ring technique with epoxy resin technique..
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Acrylic was worked on the canvas. Relief work was applied to the mat...
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acrylic painting on canvas, there is no frame..
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In this study, human anatomy study was provided as bone and muscle structure. Black and white, this work is completely matte colors. It is 20 cm wide and 30 cm long...
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