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Balls&Aestroidler (08)     Aestroidler (referred to as minor planets or planetoid which are) most are small aestreoid large and small, billions in space, and a typical asteroid surface temperature-100 C. Aesteroidler, larger diameter in the corrupted objects . These bodies over ti..
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original painting canvas acrylic paint spatula brush painted on the edge of my drawing..
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Big Bang (beginning of life)-1  Big bang the universe about 14 billion years ago, hot and very busy defending a point occurred after the big bang, the universe of scientific theory, the radiation emitted from the very hot gas. First, gas, occurred from fundamental particles: quarks has occurred..
Ex Tax:$750.00
This painting, created in a monochrome style with shades of red, gives the impression of an abstract passage with the help of textural areas and tonal transition.It is produced with relief paste uve acrylic paint on canvas and has a wire hanger and is signed on the back of the canvas.Being W..
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Acrylic pouring technique combined with airbrush and coated with epoxy resin on MDF...
Ex Tax:$45.00
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