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Halil Paşa

Halil Paşa

Turkish impressionist painter Halil Pasha, who lived between 1857-1939, is known for his portraits and landscapes of Istanbul and Cairo.
He graduated from Mühendislikhane-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn (today's Istanbul Technical University). As soon as he graduated, he was assigned to the palace and worked as an art teacher in military high schools. As a result of her insistent requests, her father sent her to Paris to study painting. He worked in the workshop of the famous orientalist painter Jean-Léon Gérôme in Paris, where he stayed for eight years. He received a medal with a painting exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition in 1889.
Halil Pasha's works are analyzed in two phases. His works under the influence of classical and realist styles, which he was influenced by during his education in Paris, and his works under the influence of impressionism when he returned home.

Painter Halil Pasha Style

After returning to Turkey, he painted the shores of the Bosphorus. He painted the shadows of mansions and boats cast on still waters with an impressionist approach. Halil Pasha was the first artist to work on the problem of light in Turkish painting. He worked as an art teacher in military schools. When he was appointed as an art teacher to the Military Academy in 1906, he received the title of "Pasha". However, two years later, when he was demoted to the rank of colonel based on a law enacted with the proclamation of the Constitutional Monarchy, he left the army and focused entirely on painting. Among the students of Halil Pasha, who gave painting lessons to students who were interested in art, there was Müfide Kadri, who went down in history as the first female painting teacher.
Halil Pasha, who taught at Sanayi-i Nefise Mekteb-i Alisi, the country's first fine arts school, assumed the directorship of the school in 1917-1918. After the outbreak of the First World War from France, where they went for art education, he came back and became a legacy.
The artist, who was promoted to the directorship of Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi Ali in 1914, took young painters who had just returned from France to this school, enabling painting with a new understanding at the school.
With the impressionist influences he received in Paris, the main themes he dealt with in the paintings of the artist, who pioneered the painters of the 1914 generation, are landscape, still life and portraits. Figured and unfigured sea and coastal views worked the Bosphorus landscapes directly outdoors. In his early landscapes, figures are closer to academic understanding. The colors are illuminated by daylight. The sparkling blue color of the sea turns into orange yellow and brown on the shores. The figures interspersed with the shore are highlighted as small, striking spots of color.
Halil Pasha, who brought a distinctive distinction to the Impressionist light and color analyzes, set an example for painting artists working in this direction. He spent the last years of his life painting in Egypt as the guest of Abbas Hilmi Pasha. The painter, who also has a deep knowledge of anatomy, received a gold medal with his work "Mme, Portrait of X" at an international exhibition in Vienna.

Halil Pasha Famous Works, Paintings

Halil Pasha died at the age of 82; Pasha and His Family on the Beach (1892), Landscape (1897), Landscape (1899), Madam X (1899), View of Göksu Creek (1902), Göksu Creek (1903), View from the Bosphorus to Rumeli Fortress (1903), Göksu He left many works such as View of the Creek (1902), Carpeters in the Caravanserai Courtyard (1908), Kotra, Ferry, Sea (1916), Women in the Garden (1917), Salacak (1928) and many more.

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